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Why the Junior Golf Program is Important for Children of All Ages

Adults who play golf regularly know how amazing golf really is. It is one of the only games that get players outside for hours on end. Along with getting people walking around in the outdoors, you get to spend time with friends and meet new players. However, many kids find learning how to play golf boring.

This is where youth golf at Clio Country Club can help. Our junior golf program is designed to make golf interesting for children of all ages. Here are just a few benefits of signing your kids up for junior golf at Clio Country Club.

1. Golf is an Easy Game to Learn How to Play

There are many sports and activities that have complex rules and involve having to work together. This can be confusing for younger children if they do not have a clear idea of what the rules are. Golf has a very simple set of rules and youth golf rules are easy for children to understand.

Children also learn hand-eye coordination faster with golf. This is because they need to hit the ball with their club. The youth golf program does sometimes use larger different props to help children learn how to swing their clubs properly.

2. Sports are Important for Children

Sports are an important part of growing up because some competition never really hurts anybody. This is also a time to have fun and learn new skills. Golf is a great sport because it teaches children that they need to be patient and it also helps with etiquette, respect, honesty, and integrity.

3. Golf is a Great Option for Kids Who Do Not like Running

A common reason why many children avoid playing sports is that they do not like running or are embarrassed about the way they run. Many sports involve running, which is why many children avoid sports. However, golf is one of the very few sports that do not require players to run. You can easily walk between holes, and you can play at your own pace.

Some children can get bored during walks, but you can easily make a game out of walking between holes. If you cannot get your child to give up their smartphone, you can use it to record scores or the amount of steps that you walk. You may be surprised how much more willing children are to go somewhere they dislike, especially if they can have their smart devices.

4. Helps You Bond with Your Children

Bonding with your children is hard because most kids want to watch TV, play on their phones or browse the internet. However, going golfing can help breakdown these walls. 

Golf is both an individual and team sport. However, many kids have no interest about learning how to play golf. Many kids in our youth golf program end up loving the game because our golf instructor makes the game fun for them, which can help your kids, stay active during the rest of their lives.

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