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Golf Events and Descriptions

Women's Kick-off Scramble – Usually in May 
Nine-hole scramble. ABCD computer-generated partners. Shotgun starts at 3:30. A Spring Dinner meeting will follow.

Derby Day – Usually in May (Golf and Watch Party prizes)
2-person partner combined Stableford scoring.
Team finish determines the horse assignment for the Kentucky Derby. 

Women’s Thursday League – May-August 
Two-person teams, 9 holes, tee times start at 3:30.  Alternating front nine and back nine each week.

Member/Guest – Usually in May
All members are encouraged to bring a guest. 9 holes of Modified Alternate Shot and 9 holes of Scramble. 

Women's Spring ScrambleUsually in May

This event is 9 holes or 18 holes. ABCD computer generated teams. Two drives from each player in 18 holes and one drive from each player in 9 holes.

Women's ONES Event – Usually in June

This event is 9 or 18 holes, you will only be counting the scores for the holes that start with O…N…E…S…!  If you are playing 18 holes, you will record a nine-hole score for this event. If you are playing nine holes you will record a five-hole score. 

Men’s Invitational – Usually in June
Sign up with a guest.  The field is limited to the first 60 teams to sign up. Teams are flighted into groups of 6 teams. You will play a 9-hole match against every team in your flight. The team with the most points wins the flight and participates in the shoot-out Saturday afternoon. 

Women's Mid-MichiganUsually in June 
This is the date that Mid-Michigan will be at Clio Country Club. You can sign up to be a member of Mid-Michigan and play different courses during the season.

2-Man Best Ball – Usually in June
Pick your own partner.  This is a best-ball event played at the net with a 90% handicap.

Women's Tri-Golf Silver TeesUsually in June

This event is 9 or 18 holes. All holes are played from the Silver Tees. 100% handicap. ABCD player computer generated. In 18 holes there will be six holes scramble, six holes best ball, and six holes shambles.  In the 9 holes, it will be 3 holes of each.

Match Play Event – Usually in June
Individual Match Play tournament open to all members. All matches are 9-holes. 
Men’s Las Vegas – Usually in July
4-man team:  Pick your own partner – there is a blind draw for the other half of each 4-man team.  2 best balls are used on Saturday & 3 best balls on Sunday.

Women's Criss CrossUsually in July 
This is an 18-hole event. Compare corresponding gross and net scores (from each nine) on your scorecard. Choose the lower of the two scores resulting in a 9-hole total score.Think of No. 1 & No. 10 as a pair and choose the lowest score.Luck of the Irish is a 9-hole event. Scramble format and pure luck and fun for the winners.

Two Lady Best BallUsually in July 
This is an 18-hole event. Pick your own partner. This is a best-ball event at the net with a 90% handicap.

Husband/Wife Club Championship – Odd Couple Event - Usually in July
The Husband/Wife team with the lowest combined gross score will be the Club Champion, and the Husband/Wife team with the lowest combined net score will be the Net Champions.
The Odd Couple event will consist of a 2-person male/female team. The winning team will have the best combined net score. 

Women's Inter-Club – Usually in July
This event will be at Spring Meadows. Tuesday, August 1st at the Elks Club will be the second day of play. You must qualify for the inter-club team.

 Women's Lone WolfUsually in August

ABCD Player Computer generated partner.  Three lady scramble each hole, the 4th player is the “Lone Wolf” and plays their own ball the entire hole. The Lone Wolf is rotated throughout the group changing each hole.

Club Championship – Friday-Sunday,  August 4th – 6th 
Individual event. Championship flight will be played at scratch and will be played all 3 days. All other flights will be played at net and will play Saturday and Sunday only. 

Women's Tri-Golf Event – Usually in August
This is a 9- or 18-hole event. ABCD computer generated, 100% handicap, played for the players' own tees. Six holes scramble, six holes best ball, and six holes shambles.  The nine-hole event will be 3 holes of each.

Senior Club Championship – Usually in August
This individual event is played flighted at net. The overall Senior Champion will have the lowest 2-day gross total.
Shambles – Usually in August
Teams consist of 2 men and 2 women. The Shamble format will be used and 2 
best balls will be counted. 

Women's Happy JillUsually in September 
This event is an 18-hole event, you can sign up with one guest or one member. The event chairperson will make it as close as possible to an ABCD player event. This will be six holes of alternate shot, six holes of shambles, and six holes of scramble. 

Final-Final Scramble – Usually in September
Nine-hole scramble with a shotgun start at 3:30. Fall Dinner meeting following scramble.

Hardest Day Scramble – Usually in September
Players sign up and will be put into ABCD teams. This event has some of the most difficult pin placements we can find. 
October Week – In October
Players will sign up as individuals and will paired into foursomes. There will be a different event each morning during the week. 


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